Point of Use (PoU)

Safe drinking water directly from your tap

The PoU model is our most compact, smart controlled “plug & play” purifier. Embedded with the latest monitoring technology, the PoU gives you a direct insight into the quality of your drinking water. NFC readout provides you with an overview of the technical status of your system. Subsequently, this allows dealers to remotely check the status of their in-field systems, smoothening help for troubleshooting and allowing the automatization of aftermarket service.

As a point of use installation, the PoU is designed to purify on demand, rather than providing a certain volume of water per day. Delivered as a whole kit, including pre-filtration, purification, post-filtration and a faucet, the PoU is designed to fit under any sink. The pre-filtration cartridges, together with the purifiers heart piece; the membrane, are fully customizable to your raw water quality. This will provide you with the best quality water in the most sustainable way. Looking for the total solution?

Our Technology

  1. Contaminated water flows through our pre-filtration kit to remove large contaminants
  2. The water enters the system and is pressurized over our unique spiral wound membrane. Customisable to every raw water quality, our membranes remove contaminants up to 0.0001 microns in size. This includes viruses, antibiotics and micro-plastics
  3. By monitoring flow, quality, pressure and temperature of your water, our systems give you insight into the quality of your drinking water. NFC readout ensures worldwide service and system control
  4. Water that lost in the purification process is rejected by the system
  5. Before the water reaches the tap, extra minerals are added by our remineralization cartridge to ensure great taste (Alkaline 8)