Water softener

When your water is above 10º german hardness, your water can be considered as “hard water”. Hard water contains high levels of calcium, magnesium and certain other metal cations. These minerals drastically shorten the lifetime of water-intensive products, due to the excessive scale build-up in pipes and fittings. In order to protect your membrane against hard water, a softener can be installed before the purifier. Our water softeners soften water through ion-exchange resins and can be customized towards the demanded water quantity. Please contact your local dealer or a nearby Aquablu headquarters for more information on your optimal water softener

Sparkling & Chilled

Experience our luxury line by adding sparkling and chilled options to your purifier! Select your desired add-on and allow our us to provide you with water of unmatched quality. The cooling and carbonating levels can be fully customized towards your wishes, allowing for an optimal customer experience. The cooler and carbonator can be bought as a counter top model or as an under sink unit. When the under sink unit is preferred a dedicated tap is included. 



Our 3 way taps

Instead of drilling a new hole for the standard Aquablu tap, simply replace your old one with one of our three-way taps. Use the right handle to wash your dishes with un-purified water or simply turn the handle on the left to fill your glass of water. As all taps use separate streams for purified and unpurified water, there is no risk of contamination. In order to fit into every kitchen design, we have created two taps which you can choose from.