Aquablu was founded with the goal to provide clean drinking water for people in developing countries. In collaboration with the Dutch Wageningen University, our first systems were implemented at schools, hospitals and farms to provide those in need with clean drinking water. During our first projects, the lack of safe drinking water solutions became obvious at first hand.

Launch PoU

The launch of our first Point of Use installation. While decentralized purification systems are a base necessity in developing countries, water quality reports in the western world raised many eyebrows. General understanding about the misconception that bottled water is a safe source for drinking water started a movement to embrace sustainable, economical and environmentally friendly alternatives.



All systems were fitted with NFC technology. The use of NFC allowed technical readout and gave both the consumer and dealer insight in the magic behind the system. The implementation of NFC was especially helpful to improve customer service, as it allowed the dealers to provide technical assistance from a distance. Next to that, by regularly checking the status of the system, dealers were able to automate their aftermarket service.


Smart Line

Due to the lack of transparency in the water purification market, we decided to fit our systems with the latest monitoring technology. This resulted in the launch of our “smart line”. Our internal computer reads out and analyses 96 variables, ensuring the consumer that he or she only gets the best quality water. These parameters are recognized by the system itself, meaning that no water is dispensed if the quality can not be guaranteed. An overview of the drinking water quality can be accessed whenever the consumer pleases.

Compact design

The first compact Point of entry installation was launched, taking up 20% less space and allowing an increase in production of over 40%. While minimizing the chance of system failure, this unravelling development lowered maintenance and maximized output. The new design particularly avoids over purification, un-proportional loss of reject water, high power consumption and unnecessary maintenance schedules.

Our ban the bottle campaign

Together with Erasmus University (Netherlands), Aquablu started the battle against single-use plastics. Aquablu became a partner at the Erasmus sustainability days, empowering students to think about sustainable innovations. By collaborating with other speakers, such as the former Dutch President Jan Peter Balkenende, an important step was made in order to tackle the Dutch plastic consumption.